There are approximately 18 million college and higher education students in America today – each one of these students deserve a fair and reputable Association to make Collegiate Competitive Eating competitions and championships available to them. The NCCEA recognizes Student Eaters as a formidable force in the current structure of collegiate sports today. Both the Student Eaters’ impact and the impact of their family, friends, classmates, fraternity brothers, sorority sisters and the individuals who live and work on the surrounding campus area on the community’s economy and quality of life is huge - It is wrong for anyone to think otherwise…” - Commissioner of Consumption “Hungry Genius” Greenwald


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The National Collegiate Competitive Eating Association is the reason why, FUEL TV and The College Experiment came to Wisconsin to film The Wisconsin Collegiate Eating Championship!


Home of The National Collegiate Eating Championship and The Eating Championship Series

Home of The National Collegiate Eating Championship

And The Eating Championship Series
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The National Collegiate Competitive Eating Association

The National Collegiate Competitive Eating Association (The NCCEA) is the nation’s ONLY recognized Competitive Eating governing body that presides over ALL sanctioned Collegiate Competitive Eating events and competitions. The NCCEA is considered the Nation’s foremost authority for Collegiate Competitive Eating – we are  dedicated to fair and safe Competitive Eating competitions, events and entertainment that promote our Sponsors and Student Eaters - we also believe that every Competitive Eating event and competition should provide a venue for our Sponsors and Collegiate Student Eaters to show the Nation that the students currently enrolled in higher education are some of the fiercest competitors found in all Collegiate sports and activities. The Collegiate Competitive Eating experience is unique in that it can provide a means for Student Eaters to enhance their educational experience through the supplement of additional financial resources that are obtained and won in Competitive Eating competition with other Student Eaters. The NCCEA believes the Student Eaters’ safety is vital and protection of the Student Eaters’ health and safety is the most crucial aspect of our sport. We hope that our Student Eaters understand that there is more to life than winning and losing, but both our Sponsors and Student Eaters agree that The NCCEA provides a life-changing and possibly a life-shaping experience!

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